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Beauty and Fashion expectation

Don Bella Hair was founded with one primary objective; to help women express their inner beauty and build up girl power through effective hair solutions.

Behind every great idea, there is a moving story. Ours dates back to 2009 when Bianca Saleh {Founder & CEO} started noticing some unusual changes in her hair. She couldn’t understand why her hair was starting to thin at the center of her scalp. What started as a single hairless patch slowly by slowly grew bigger in the next few months. In a desperate attempt to search for answers, she decided to visit a dermatologist. Sadly, Bianca was diagnosed with scarring alopecia. Her whole ‘hair’ world came crashing down.

As women, our beauty is largely tied to our hair. And as a new mother with a lot of postpartum insecurities, such a diagnosis changes your whole life. Low self-esteem kicked in. Soon after, depression followed suit. Bianca’s urge to hide her hair loss from everyone, including her immediate family, became a source of anxiety and insecurity in her life. No matter how hard she tried, there wasn’t a single wig, extension, or clip-in that made her feel whole again until Don Bella Hair was born.

At Don Bella, we believe all women deserve to feel comfortable in their hair. Rocking good hair brings out your inner diva. It builds confidence, boosts hair-esteem, and the zeal to conquer the day ahead.

We are helping women take over the world, one hair extension at a time. We are dedicated to providing stylish, glamorous, and authentic beauty solutions. We believe that shopping for hair extensions and beauty products should be affordable and fun.

Bianca Saleh

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