8 Ways of Boosting Your Self-esteem When Battling Alopecia

Sep 07 , 2021

Bianca Saleh

Often when battling alopecia, women lose their self-esteem. 

Alopecia can cause a lot of stress in your life, especially if it happens when you're young or right before important events such as weddings or job interviews because you need to cover it up. As a result, you may start worrying about your hair than doing important things like work or school, which is an unhealthy habit.

This blog is here to let you know that there are many ways you can boost your self-esteem and make the best of a bad situation. We hope this article has helped give you some ideas on how to do so!

1. Embrace Your Hair Loss And Wear What You Want To Show The World Who You Are

Alopecia is a serious condition that can affect anyone at any given time in their life, so it's essential to love yourself and embrace your hair the way it is now. The number one step to boosting self-esteem is self-acceptance. 

When going out in public, make sure you don't let the fact that you have no hair bring you down or stop yourself from doing things because it's a small price to pay for your health and happiness! 

2. Get Some Alone Time

There is nothing wrong with spending time alone if this helps boost self-esteem.

Being around others can help lift your mood, but sometimes it's okay to spend some time alone with your thoughts, too. If this makes you feel better and more confident about yourself, then go for it!

3. Take Time to Care For Yourself Again

When you are struggling with alopecia, often, many people around you forget about their appearance because they have no hair on the head. However, it's essential that you take some time out of your day to care about your looks and how others see you in public once more. 

If you don't feel like it's worth the hassle, that is completely fine (and understandable), but at least give yourself a treat and get your hair styled if you're comfortable doing so!

4. Spend Time With People Who Genuinely Care About You And Don't Judge

Loved ones are there for support. If someone is close to you, like a friend or relative, they are there to listen to you and give their support.

If you have a loved one close by, don't be afraid to let them know what's going on with your alopecia battle because they are there for emotional support, if nothing else! They will help lift your spirits when needed, just like you would do for them in times of darkness.

5. Do What Makes You Happy

It might be hard for some people to think about being positive after being diagnosed with alopecia, but it's essential that you find things to do that make you happy. This could be spending more time on hobbies, playing video games, or even just watching TV shows all day if this makes you comfortable.

Whatever makes you feel good about yourself again should be done without hesitation because life can get tough when battling alopecia.

6. Know That This Will Not Be Forever, But Right Now It Is A Part Of Who You Are

As mentioned before, alopecia is a condition that can affect many people at any given time, so it's important to know that this won't be forever. However, right now, you are who you are, and if life has given you this card, then embrace your new look. 

This is a difficult time especially when other people start commenting on your appearance and judging how you look. You feel like you are under scrutiny but, your hair loss does not define who you are as a person.

7. Take Pride In Your Appearance

There's nothing wrong with wearing wigs, hats, scarves or trying out new styles to cover up hair loss 

Find a new hairstyle that works for your life right now. You can wear hats, scarves, or wigs if you want some extra coverage while getting on with other activities such as work or school.

Many people have lost their hair due to alopecia, but it does not define them. You don't need anyone else's approval to feel beautiful - keep trying new hairstyles and remember you are still the same person on the inside!

8. Explore New Things

Don't let alopecia stop you from doing what makes you happy!

Find something new to love about yourself - focus on the things you do have instead of what's missing.

Also, don't compare yourself! It's the worst thing you can do, and it will only make your self-esteem issues worse, not better. 

You need to be focused on making healthy choices for yourself instead of worrying about what other people might think about you. If necessary, consider seeing a counsellor or therapist to help you get through the tough times with alopecia.

9. Keep Fighting- Even If It Feels Like Nobody Understands, Know That We're All Rooting For You!

Even when you feel you're battling alopecia on your own and nobody really understands your situation, you still have a lot of people around you that want to help and support you. You can do this!

There are positive people around you rooting for you silently and that’s all that matterS. Shun away the negativity and stick to the people who are rooting for you.

You're a fighter and you can do this!

Let’s Embrace Alopecia

You are beautiful. You don't need anyone to tell you that, but I'll say it anyway; you're beautiful! Right now women all over the world are dealing with alopecia due to various reasons. It is important for us to stand together. When one woman fighting alopecia wins...we all win! 

I hope these tips will help boost your self-esteem when battling alopecia. Best of luck to everyone out there going through the exact same thing as me at some point in their lives. Keep fighting!

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