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I love them so much ! They Are the Best in the world !The quality is so good they are thick from top to bottom and come out ever thicker as soon as you wash them ! i cant wait to do more things with my extensions! i am more then happy. i feel Beautiful ! love haley, xoxo

- Haley

I bought hair from here 2 years ago and it’s still in amazing condition. I wouldn’t ever go anywhere to buy extensions!

- Callie

“Thank you so much for your time and care you’ve taken with me. I truly changed the way I look at my hair situation”

– Tina

“ The Best Hair”

- Tiffany

"I loveee the clip in brand and Don Bella Hair are by far my favourite. They don't tangle, they are so soft & thick. I have worn mine for over a year. From now on, I will only wear Don Bella Clip Ins."

- tammy

Your products are amazing. I'm ordering again soon.

- Malaika L.

thank you for your great service and quality of hair.

- Dalila S.

the hair products are top of the line and super high quality. i love it!

- Kelly A.

The Blog

Alopecia Isn't The End of You!

Alopecia Isn't The End of You! 

You may be reading this blog because you recently received a diagnosis of alopecia. Or maybe you've had the condition for years and are looking for help in coping with it. Either way, welcome to Don Bella Hair, a safe space for everyone living and battling alopecia.

Alopecia isn't the end of your hair, but it is an end to your fear that hair loss will make you less than...

Embracing Your Flaws; Breaking Societal Perception on Alopecia

Society can be cruel. 

We are taught to judge, criticize, and shame people who are different from the perceived norm. Alopecia is one of many disorders that has a negative stigma attached to it. 

In this blog post, I will share my story about embracing my flaws and breaking the societal perception of alopecia

The Ugly Truth About Alopecia 

It can be difficult and depressing when you lose so much of your...

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